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Office of Accounting’s responsibilities include accounting operations, budget allocation and managementmanagement of accounting operation and statistics for ministries/manager use.  Office of Accounting has four divisions to handle the school accounting business.

The First Division

Allocate school-controlled annual budget.
Manage each office/department expenditures
revenue and  expenditures of venue rentalreceipts under custody balance administration expenditures of cooperative educationgains on investment and sustainable funding expenditures.
Compile monthly execution statement of fixed assets.

The Second Division

Compile annual budget reportcompile estimation income and expenditure statement.
Manage government subsidies
continuing educationroyalties paymentdonation and miscellaneous parallelism income and expenditure expenditures.

The Third Division

Manage cooperative education (projects from National Science and Technology Council government and industry-academia collaboration) and research projects which are non-government subsidies expenditures.

Compile the college of Semiconductor Research's annual budgetary statement and the table of estimates for revenues and expenditures.Manage all kinds of expenditures from the college of Semiconductor Research.

The Fourth Division

Make vouchersprocess accounting transactioncompile monthly accounting reportshalf-annual settlement reportsannual financial statement and consolidation/replying the missing portions which were audited by the government.